News feed: Hong Kong now and then



【明報專訊】The Tourism Commission (旅遊事務署) has launched the ”City in Time” (「城市景昔」) project by installing ”AR markers” (AR 時鐘) in 28 designated locations in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Tei, etc., including Edinburgh Place, a section of Chater Road near Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the Clock Tower, etc. Utilising augmented reality (AR), citizens can use the ”City in Time” mobile app to view a 360-degree panoramic image created from old photos and paintings with audio. However, it is reported that not many people have participated in the project. Some think it is interesting and can revive historical scenes. Others think it is a bit troublesome for them to download the app due to unenough mobile data.